WAGIS2018 has ended
You can use Sched.com to schedule your interests at the conference.  But it’s not the same as registering!  Be sure to register and then plan your agenda!

Andrew Phay

Whatcom CD
GIS Manager
Monday, May 21

8:30am AKDT

1:30pm AKDT

Tuesday, May 22

8:30am AKDT

5:15pm AKDT

Wednesday, May 23

9:00am AKDT

10:30am AKDT

10:55am AKDT

11:30am AKDT

12:00pm AKDT

1:30pm AKDT

2:00pm AKDT

3:00pm AKDT

3:50pm AKDT

4:30pm AKDT

6:00pm AKDT

6:30pm AKDT

Thursday, May 24

8:30am AKDT

8:45am AKDT

10:30am AKDT

11:00am AKDT

11:20am AKDT

12:30pm AKDT

1:30pm AKDT

1:45pm AKDT